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18K Nib For TWSBI 580. M tipped. Nib Only


JOWO NIB ONLY. Rhodium, Two Tone or Two Tone Rhodium/Ruthenium (New).

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  • Italic
  • Cursive Italic
  • Stub
  • Architect
  • No regrind

Product Options
Tip size    * Required

Choose from these diferent tip sizes:

Plating    * Required
Two Tone
Rhodium Plated
Black Ruthenium
Two Tone Rhodium/B. Ruthenium
Custom tip regrinding    * Required
Please, read below our grinding service description before doing your selection.
No regrind
Cursive Italic

More info

18k nib for TWSBI DIAMOND 580.

Only the nib is used in the TWSBI 580, so you have to use your actual feeder.

Nib available in M and B tipped.

Select our different plating finishes from the menu.

Here is a video to watch how to swap the TWSBI 580 nibs

Ask us for engraving options tip regrinding.