Size 5 Unit with Jowo Arrow Steel Nib, M Tip

ABS nib unit. Jowo Stainless Steel Nib.

Tax excluded
Tip size
Nib Plating
Nib Unit
Regrind + 18.90€
Initials engraving +4.00€

Steel nib unit with feeder and threaded housing.

Size 5, that means that the feeder is 5 millimeters in diameter. Thread housing M6.4x0.5, a drawing with dimensions can be found in the las picture of the gallery in this product.

You can choose Nib Only option, we will not include feed/housing.

We do offer a tip regrinding service  for your selected nib. To know more about hem click HERE.

Product Details
Frontpart of pen:
Product Options
Tip size    * Required
Nib Plating    * Required
Polished steel
Gold Plated +4.50€
Rose Gold +9.90€
Rhodium +7.90€
Black Rhodium +14.90€
Nib Unit
Unassembled -0.50€
Regrind + 18.90€ (Select up to 1 option)
Cursive Italic
L/F Round Oblique 15º
L/F Round Oblique 30º
L/F Oblique 15º Italic
L/F Oblique 30º Italic
L/F Oblique 15º Cursive Italic
L/F Oblique 30º Cursive Italic
L/F Oblique 15º Stub
L/F Oblique 30º Stub
R/F Round Oblique 15º
R/F Round Oblique 30º
R/F Oblique 15º Italic
R/F Oblique 30º Italic
R/F Oblique 15º Cursive Italic
R/F Oblique 30º Cursive Italic
R/F Oblique 15º Stub
R/F Oblique 30º Stub
Initials engraving +4.00€
Write down up to two letters.
Write down up to two letters.  
Sandblasting (Select up to 1 option)
Whole Nib +4.00€
Whole Nib +4.00€