We now offer our service on nib iridium retipping:

We can weld a iridium ball in many nib materials like, gold, steel, paladium or titanium.

We use the same iridium balls Jowo manufacturer does: they are made out of Osmium, Ruthenium and Tungsten

Base price for retipping is 45,00€ for a M or B size. For EF, F  is 50,00€, and for all the different regrindings we offer 55,00€.

If your nib need any other repair like straightening, alignment or plating that will be charged as extra cost.

Given prices are if you send a nib only, if you send the complete pen or section, extra cost must be added for disassembling an fitting back all together.

Given prices are VAT and shipping excluded.

We do not take any responsibility if your nib is stopped at customs or if it is lost during the shipping. We recommend to ship by courier with insurance.