We offer all the enthusiasts of fountain pens our restoration and repair service for you to enjoy your writing experience at its maximum.

Our qualified technician Pablo Carrasco, has experience in both vintage and modern fountain pens and is the manufacturer of GIMENA hand made fountain pens. He is working with www.fpnibs.com.

Some services and minimum price are:

- tip and tines adjustment =>3,00€

- straightening bended nis =>5,90€

- tip regrinding  =>9,90€

- cracks welding => 12,00€

- ink sacs replacement =>14,00€

- re-set ebonite feeders => 3,50€

- plating gold, rose gold, rhodium, black ruthenium in nibs, clips, rings… =>4,80€

Prices do not include VAT or Tax.

Go to this link to download a filling sheet to send us.