We do offer a tip regrinding service  for your selected nib. Following we have described the different options:

Oblique 15º: available for the nibs M and B. This grinding is made to round tips for those people who turn the pen to the left when writing, but do not make a variation in the ink stroke.

Oblique 30º: available for M and B. The same grinding like the previous but for those who turn the pen much more.

L/F Oblique: left foot oblique available in 15º or 30º.

R/F Oblique: right foot oblique available in 15º or 30º

Obliques can be shaped in the following manners: Italic, Cursive Italic and Sutb

Italic: available for F, M, B, 1.1 and 1.4. This grinding will offer maximum line variation. It is also known as crispy italic, as the edges of the tip are very sharp, so it is not a smooth nib and must be used gently.

Cursive Italic: available for F, M and B. The edges in this tip are rounded so it will be smoother than the italic, although the line variation will be less and not so defined. 

XXXF: available for the EF tip. It will make the tip needle point of 0.1 mm.

XXF: available for the nib EF. It will make the tip around 0,2 mm size

Stub: available for M (0.6) and B (0.8). This reground will make the nib writes with line variation, but not as much ad italics. The edge of the tip that touch the paper is very rounded, so it will be a smooth writer.

Architect: available for the F, M and B nib. It makes an opposite line variation than the italic so the vertical stroke will be very fine and the horizontal very wide. It is very important for we to know your writing angle to grind this tip, so if you don´t know it, contact us to help you guess it.

Zoom: available for B. This is an asian kind of tip that depending on the writing angle the line stroke will change, so the lower the angle, the wider the stroke and the higher the angle the thinner. It can also be used up side down to get a EF stroke.

Fude: available for size 5 and 6 EF stainless steel nibs. It is made by bending the tines to 55 degrees. This nins will make a great line variation depending on writing angle. Used for asian lettering and for sketching. Very useful for highlighting words or sentences if used with some types of inks.

PO: this is the Posting type of nib. Available for EF and F tips. The tines are bent downwards to make a stiffer nib with no variation strokes. Recommended for low angle writers.

WA: also known as Wavily and Waverley nib. Available for EF and F tipped nibs. The tines are bent upwards for a smooth writing. Recommended for high angle writers.