Kaweco Eyedropper Ebonite 1910, Limited Edition, F Tip

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Kaweco Eyedropper Limited Edition Fountain Pen.

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Kaweco Eyerdropper Ebonite fountain pen with limited edition of 800 pieces.

The EYEDROPPER 1910 was produced in a limited edition of 800 pieces. The noble hard rubber shaft is decorated with an elaborate guilloche engraving and individually numbered.

The EYEDROPPER is delivered in an exclusive book case, which is printed with nostalgic Kaweco motifs from the period around 1910 and is equipped with a genuine leather case and 6 packets of Kaweco ink cartridges.

The EYEDROPPER 1910, a fountain pen for 2 standard ink cartridges, is equipped with the high-quality Kaweco ink regulator and beautifully chiseled 14 kt gold nib.

The term EYEDROPPER describes the filling mechanism of the early years. Around 1900, the fountain pens at that time, slim pins with a plug cap, were filled with an eye dropper pipette. The Kaweco EYEDROPPER 1910 is also a slim, elegant model made of fine black 14 kt hard rubber. Gold pen following the tradition and design of an 1910 EYEDROPPER. Once again, Kaweco has managed to combine the writing experience of the turn of the century with modern technology and today's safety standards of a cartridge fountain pen.

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