HUGO BOSS Pure Matte Dark Chrome

Fountain pen with steel nib.

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Hugo Boss fountain pen with steel M nib.

The “Pure” line with its tapered yet aerodinamic silhouette redefines modern lines with structural simplicity. These writing pieces are mixing technical precision and intrincate graphic pattern for a tactile writting experience at the intersection of function and design.

Length capped: 144mm

Length uncapped: 128mm

Grip diameter: 10mm

Weight: 43gr.

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Pen HSY6032
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Cursive Italic
L/F Round Oblique 15º
L/F Round Oblique 30º
L/F Oblique 15º Italic
L/F Oblique 30º Italic
L/F Oblique 15º Cursive Italic
L/F Oblique 30º Cursive Italic
L/F Oblique 15º Stub
L/F Oblique 30º Stub
R/F Round Oblique 15º
R/F Round Oblique 30º
R/F Oblique 15º Italic
R/F Oblique 30º Italic
R/F Oblique 15º Cursive Italic
R/F Oblique 30º Cursive Italic
R/F Oblique 15º Stub
R/F Oblique 30º Stub