Pelikan M1000 18k Nib Unit, M Tip

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Replacement 18K Two tone nib.

Pelikan M1000/M10xx

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Fountain pen replacement 18c gold nib unit with feeder and threaded collar.

Suitable for Pelikan fountain pen M1000 series: M10xx

The nib of model M1000 consist of 18 carat/750 gold and it is refined with a rhodium decor.

Medium size tip.

We do offer a tip regrinding service  for your selected nib. To know more about hem click HERE

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Pen Part M1000
Product Options
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Cursive Italic
L/F Round Oblique 15º
L/F Round Oblique 30º
L/F Oblique 15º Italic
L/F Oblique 30º Italic
L/F Oblique 15º Cursive Italic
L/F Oblique 30º Cursive Italic
L/F Oblique 15º Stub
L/F Oblique 30º Stub
R/F Round Oblique 15º
R/F Round Oblique 30º
R/F Oblique 15º Italic
R/F Oblique 30º Italic
R/F Oblique 15º Cursive Italic
R/F Oblique 30º Cursive Italic
R/F Oblique 15º Stub
R/F Oblique 30º Stub