Kaweco Size 5 Nib Unit, 1.5 Tip

Kaweco replacement steel nib with thread.

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Tip size
Nib Plating

Kaweco steel nib insert 060 with thread.

Chrome plated finished.

Suitable for LILIPUT, AL Sport, AC Sport, ART Sport, LUXE Sport, SPECIAL, ALLROUNDER, DIA Chrome, DIA gold, STUDENT and ELEGANCE.

Does NOT fit Classic and Ice Sport pens.

Available nib sizes: EF / F / M / B / BB and CALLIGRAPHY 1.1 / 1.5 / 1.9 / 2.3

We do offer a tip regrinding service  for your selected nib. To know more about them click here.

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Tip size    * Required
Nib Plating    * Required
Polished steel
Gold Plated +4.50€
Rose Gold +9.90€
Two Tone Reverse +12,00€
Two Tone Rose Gold +12.90€
Rhodium +7.90€
Black Rhodium +14.90€
Two Tone Black Rhodium/White Rhodium +19.90€
Two Tone +6,90€
Sandblasting (Select up to 1 option)
Whole Nib +4.00€
Whole Nib +4.00€
Partial Nib +8.00€
Partial Nib +8.00€