TWSBI VAC 700R Clear, 1.1 Tip

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Fountain Pen VAC 700 R model in clear color.

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Breather Hole + 8.90€
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Comes in EF, F, M, B, Calligraphy 1.1 and Calligraphy 1.5 nib choices.

Pen cap is able to post onto the back of the pen.

Vacuum Filler Fountain pen. This is the Redesigned model of the biggest TWSBI fountain pen.
Simply unscrew the end cap and pull the rod, dip into ink, push back the end cap, and your done! Ready to write!!

Pen cap has an inner cap to insure a perfect seal when stored away. 
Made for the beginner who just wants to try out fountain pens, all the way to the experts. A good everyday worker.

We can offer a TWSBI fountain pen with a JOWO steel or 18K nib. For this option, please contact us.

We do offer a tip regrinding service  for your selected nib. To know more about them click HERE.

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M7445990 Pen:
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Polished steel
Two Tone +8.90€
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L/F Oblique 15º Italic
L/F Oblique 30º Italic
L/F Oblique 15º Cursive Italic
L/F Oblique 30º Cursive Italic
R/F Oblique 15º Italic
R/F Oblique 30º Italic
R/F Oblique 15º Cursive Italic
R/F Oblique 30º Cursive Italic
Breather Hole + 8.90€ (Select up to 1 option)