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Iroful Loose Sheet Plain / A4 / Ivory White

Iroful Loose Sheet Plain / A4 / Ivory White

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SAKAE's 'paper paper' brand introduces a new line of high-quality paper designed to enhance the vibrancy of true colors, aptly named the 'iroful' line. The term 'iro' translates to "color" in Japanese, infusing the name with a playful connotation of "colorful." This designation embodies the delicate nuances and exquisite sheen of colors found within. Notably, the paper resists ink bleeding, ensuring that lines remain consistently sharp and crisp.

This premium loose-leaf paper elevates the original hues of your ink, making it the ideal canvas for those who cherish the art of writing and are discerning about how color inks blend and manifest on paper. Iroful loose sheets are crafted to withstand ink bleed-through and feathering, accommodating a diverse range of inks and pen nibs.

Boasting a specially coated surface on both sides, ghosting is minimized, allowing for utilization of both sides of the paper. This artist-grade smooth paper has been meticulously engineered and treated to provide the perfect surface for fountain pens and ink pens, offering a seamless and elegant glide. The result? Exceptionally precise ink strokes, captivating ink shades, and impeccably crisp lines with high-contrast.

Iroful is your ultimate choice for calligraphy, letter writing, and beyond—a testament to SAKAE's commitment to the art of writing and the pursuit of perfection in every stroke.



  • Made in Japan
  • Weight : 75g/m²
  • Regulating : Dot grid
  • Paper color : Ivory White
  • Size : A4
  • Sheets : 50 pages 
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