Ink flow hack

We are offering now a modification to some feeders to increase the ink flow of the nib unit.

This modification is only made to the feeder. We do not increase the ink flow of the nib itself because it would make the nib less smooth, it would increase the line width, it would create hard starts or baby bottom in long term...


At this moment we offer hacking feeders for nibs:


  1. The size 6 and 5 standard ABS feeder can be modified to High Ink Flow and also to Very High Ink Flow. This last one means the highest possible ink flow but with some types of inks or some kinds of pen reservoirs, it might leak. If this happens to you, just find a heavier ink or use the nib unit in other type of pen.
  1. The size 6 ebonite feeder for Jowo 14k is modified when selecting a flex option.


We keep experimenting with other feeders to increase their ink flow, so in the future we might offer that option for other nib units as well.


Bare in mind that a nib unit customized by us does not apply for refunding or exchanging if you do not prove there is a failure in it. Just make sure you are ordering what you really want, ask us anything before buying, we will be happy to help.