Nib repair

THIS SERVICE IS STOPPED... the waiting list is over a year at this moment, so we are not taking new jobs till the situation normalizes.

We do offer a nib repair, customization and modification service for your own pens and nibs, modern or vintage.

How to sign on this service:

  1. Read all the conditions and information given in this page.
  2. Email us at telling that you agree the Conditions and asking you want to join in the waiting list for this service.
  3. Once you show up in the list we will email you with instructions on shipping us your pens or nibs.
  4. Once we receive your items we will quote for the job and ask you to pay.
  5. After that we will do the job and ship the items back to you.


Prices shown are VAT not included. If you are from an EU country, we will add your country VAT in your invoice.

Conditions and fees:

  1. Shipping your nibs from your place to our facility and back to you again is under your own responsibility. If the package is damage or lost in any way, we will not pay for it.
  2. We charge a fee for admin and logistics of 20.00€: emailing, invoicing, packaging.
  3. If your package comes from outside Europe and it is stopped by Customs Office, we will need to do work in order to realease it. In that case we will charge an extra fee of 30.00€. Most times Customs Office will ask for import taxes and VAT payment that you will need to pay extra again.
  4. You can send up to two nibs each time, that way we will have time to work for more customers.
  5. Once we receive your nibs, we will email you with the quotation for the work. If you do not accept it, you will need to pay for the admin fee, customs taxes if apply, and shipping back to you.If you accept the quotation we will send you a payment request and then do the job.
  6. We do not offer quotations by email, chat or telephone.
  7. We can offer our shipping courier for sending your nibs back to you. Also you can send your own courier to collect your nibs from our place. In any case we will not take responsibility of the shipment.
  8. We will charge a 3% fee of the total amount if payment is by PayPal or card. No fee for bank transfer.
  9. If you send a pen that we can not disassemble to remove the nib, you will need to pay for the admin fee and shipping back to you.


  • Adjusting 20.00€: align the tines, adjust the slit gap, adjust nib ink flow, smooth the tip.
  • Regrinding 50.00€: any kind of regrind we offer in this page . Bare in mind the tip size that your nib already have determines the regrind we can do.
  • Straightening from 30.00€: the price will depends on how bad the bent nib it is and we can only determine the exact pice once we have the nib for inspection.
  • Retipping 100.00€: for tip sizes F, M, B and 110.00€ for tip sizes EF and BB. If you want a regrind after the retipping we will add 40.00€ extra.
  • Plating: 25.00€ for single tone nibs and 40.00€ for two tone nibs. If your nib needs extra work like cleaning and polishing before plating, we will charge for that.
  • Breather hole cut 20.00€: for any of the shapes we offer here 
  • Cracks welding from 30.00€: it will depends on how big and how difficult.
  • Flex adding from 80.00€. Contact ask to know if we can modify your nib.
  • Additional fees: if we need to disassemble your nib unit or your pen to work on the nib we will charge for that time. If you send your nib or pen dirty we will charge for cleaning it. If you send your nib for regrinding (as an example) and your nib tines are bent, we will charge for straightening them.

Retipping considerations:

We may tip your nib with the same tip size that it was tipped as new, but if you want a different size, you will need to pay extra, for instance your nib was tipped with a F size and now you want a B size, then we will charge extra because we will need to add extra gold to weld a bigger tipping ball.

We use the same "iridium" balls that Jowo nib manufacturer uses. It is an alloy of  three very hard metals.

Your nib will not loose its length as we add gold instead of melting the tines gold.

If you send a nib only, you will be in charge of adjusting the nib properly to your pen. If you send a nib unit or a pen, we will adjust it.


We offer up to 50% discount depending on your order history in our store.

Examples of pricing:

For an Europen:

xx.xx€ (Shipping to us) + 20.00€ (Admin fee) + 50.00€ (Regrinding) + xx.xx€ (Shipping back to you) + 21% VAT

For an foreign:

Case 1. xx.xx€ (Shipping to us) + 20.00€ (Admin fee) + 100.00€ (Retipping) + xx.xx€ (Shipping back to you)

Case 2. xx.xx€ (Shipping to us) + 20.00€ (Admin fee) + 30.00€ (Customs admin fees) + xx.xx€ (Customs taxes) + 100.00€ (Retipping) + xx.xx€ (Shipping back to you)


Turnaround time:

It depends on the work we have from our store and the job from previous nib repairs we have to do. Once your turn comes and you pay for the nib repair, we will do the job and ship your items in 2 weeks max.