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Manuscript TRIO Italic Fountain Pen, Design 2

Manuscript TRIO Italic Fountain Pen, Design 2

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Manuscript TRIO Italic Fountain Pen. Polished steel Italic 1.1 tip nib.

Manuscript Pen-Trio Italic Pen. Suitable for handwriting line drawings doodling and more! This pen is truly versatile attractive and suitable for everyday use. This package contains one italic pen, one cap and two black ink cartridges refill.

Smooth Italic nib designed for everyday writing.

Available in 3 different designs.

Rounded nib edges to comfortably write and draw in all directions without losing constant ink flow.

Italic nib to encourage a cursive style of hand writing that is more attractive and legible.

Ergonomic Design makes Trio Easy To Use.

Add a unique slant to everyday handwriting!

Weight: 45gr

Dimensions: 22.9 x 8.9 x 1.9 cm

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