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Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Dark Age Oversize

Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava Dark Age Oversize

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Visconti fountain pens.

Homo Sapiens Collection: Volcanic Lava Over Size

The material in this pen is as antique and natural as the world: lava from the Etna volcano. in south Italy. Nevertheless, it has several characteristics that render it unique in the manufacturing of writing instruments. Visconti has successfully produced a material containing pure basaltic lava, catalysed together with resin in a formula – patented thus obviously kept secret -whose extraordinary characteristics practically transforms it into a material perfectly fit to writing instruments.

Fully equipped with ruthenium trims, the body is in the special Visconti compound made of volcanic lava, a material with special performance, soft touch, highly resistance.

The contrast between the trims in glossy black and the compound material in matt dark grey give to the pen an impressive modern elegance.

Visconti lava compound is:

• Virtually unbreakable, with a high degree of resilience.

• Flameproof, with a resistance to heat of over 100°C.

• Slightly hygroscopic, allowing to absorb hand sweat during use.

• Dense at touch, allowing the best finger-relaxing grip or touch.

• Unquestionably new, as materials employed in watch cases.

The clip, the rings and the metal accessories are all in ruthenium-plated steel.

The Lava material is a natural material; when daily used, the pen keeps its original dark grey color.

If the pen is not used for a while or exposed to strong light it can become light grey. This is a certification of a real bio material. To regenerate the material, it is simple: just treat the pen with a common moisturizer.

Technical Features:

Line Name: Homo Sapiens Dark Age

Material: Basaltic Lava from Etna Volcano

Color: Dark Grey

Body Size: Over Size

Pen Size: Over

Nib: 18kt Gold (big)

Nib Colour: Ruthenium

Filling System: Power Filler

Closure type: Hook safe lock

Metal Trims: Shiny black galvanic treatment

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