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NEW!! Platinum 3776 Century Fuji Unkei Series Uroko-Gumo. Limited Edition

NEW!! Platinum 3776 Century Fuji Unkei Series Uroko-Gumo. Limited Edition

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#3776 CENTURY Fountain Pen.

New series: "Fuji Unkei" Fountain pen

Inspired by the incredible landscape of Mount Fuji surrounded by wispy clouds, this series is designed to capture this natural wonder using various decorative techniques. The first pen in the Fuji Unkei series is the "Uroko-Gumo".

Its crystal-clear barrel is cut with an irregular pattern of indentations that produce a dazzling interplay of light and shadows. The result is reminiscent of sunlight shining through a blanket of high-floating cirrocumulus clouds. The elegant dark gray-blue cap depicts the surface of Mount Fuji colored by the seasons and time, while the contrasting transparent barrel features an intricately carved design.

Platinum 14k solid gold rhodium-plated nib. Rhodium trim

This pen comes in a gift box with a converter and a 20 ml bottle of special-edition Aka-Fuji ink. Inspired by the classic Hokusai painting Gaifu Kaisei, also known as Aka-Fuji, this deep green ink can develop an intense red sheen depending on the pen and paper. The ink bottle's cap is engraved with an artistic depiction of Mt. Fuji. One blue black ink cartridge is also included.

Only 3,000 Urok-Gumo pens were made worldwide, and each pen features a serial number engraved discreetly on the cap finial.

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